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  1. Kimia Barfehei Sleep staging in different pathologies.
    Supervisor: Pieter van Mierlo
  2. Maria Candellero Studying the neuronal dynamics of seizures in rodent models of temporal lobe epilepsy using high-density intracranial electrophysiology
    Supervisors: Lars Emil Larsen, Pieter van Mierlo
  3. Robbe Cole System calibration of a total-body PET system
    Supervisor: Stefaan Vandenberghe
  4. Vita De Vos Associating imaging features with the histopathology of breast tumors: Comparing the value of PET/CT images at different resolutions
    Supervisors: Christian Vanhove, Vincent Keereman
  5. Lore Flipts Canā??t stop thinking about it? Investigating the brain networks of rumination through means of EEG
    Supervisor: Pieter van Mierlo
  6. Marine Liesse Automatic coregistration of SPECT/PET and CT data for MOLECUBES systems with AI
    Supervisor: Stefaan Vandenberghe
  7. Mattias Niels Optimization of image quality and clinical workflow in specimen PET imaging
    Supervisor: Vincent Keereman
  8. Erin Olbrechts Explainable AI for P300 latency quantification in single-trial EEG data
    Supervisors: Pieter van Mierlo, Tom Dhaene
  9. Lloyd Plumart Test-retest reliability of preclinical multi-shell diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging
    Supervisors: Christian Vanhove, Stefaan Vandenberghe
  10. Aron Segers Predict surgical outcome of epilepsy surgery from scalp EEG
    Supervisor: Pieter van Mierlo
  11. DHULAKSHIKA SOUNDARARAJAN Evaluation of the effect of LYSO background radiation in total-body pet
    Supervisor: Stefaan Vandenberghe
  12. Louise Vander Heyde EEG-based language networks in aphasia
    Supervisors: Pieter van Mierlo, Miet De Letter
  13. Marie Vanzieleghem Predict medication response from EEG
    Supervisor: Pieter van Mierlo
  14. Margot Verbinnen De experimentele verificatie in ratten van de hypothese van cognitieve reserve via functionele en structurele MRI
    Supervisors: Christian Vanhove, Robrecht Raedt
  15. Boris Vervenne Deep learning for 3D positioning of gamma interactions based on time-over-threshold information
    Supervisor: Stefaan Vandenberghe