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  1. Emile Balot Development of a Deep Learning Framework for Joint PET-CT Denoising of Micro-PET-CT Images
    Supervisors: Christian Vanhove, Stefaan Vandenberghe
  2. Zoé Bolluijt Diagnose van epilepsy op basis van EEG in rust
    Supervisor: Pieter van Mierlo
  3. Julie Clarot EEG signature for different pathologies causing dementia
    Supervisor: Pieter van Mierlo
  4. Thibault D`Hulster Deep Learning PET Reconstruction from Histo-Images
    Supervisor: Stefaan Vandenberghe
  5. Giuseppe Mastrorocco The development of an interactive AI algorithm for the image segmentation of (pre)clinical CT datastets
    Supervisor: Brent van der Heyden
  6. Nina Menten The identification of metal components in clinical CT imaging
    Supervisor: Brent van der Heyden
  7. Amaryllis Verstraete Deep Learning Based Denoising of Low Dose micro-SPECT Imaging
    Supervisors: Stefaan Vandenberghe, Christian Vanhove
  8. Claudia Zaldívar Hurtado de Mendoza Using EEG as a Biomarker for epilepsy phenotypes
    Supervisor: Pieter van Mierlo