1. Laura Astoreca Alvarez The Use of Atomic Layer Deposition in Hybrid Hermetic Barriers for Medical Devices: ALD Nucleation and Plasma Activation Influence 2022.
    Supervisors: Nathalie De Geyter, Herbert De Smet, David Schaubroeck
  2. Hui Peng Design of highly efficient monolithically integrated capacitive charge pumps for low-power applications 2020.
    Supervisors: Jan Doutreloigne, Benoit Bakeroot, Dries Dellaert
  3. Changzheng Li Long-term miniaturized flexible hermetic encapsulation for implantable medical devices using polymers and atomic layer deposited ceramics 2020.
    Supervisors: Maaike Op de Beeck, Jan Vanfleteren
  4. Marie-Aline Mattelin Nanoimprint lithography for devices based on polymer photonic gratings 2020.
    Supervisors: Geert Van Steenberge, Jeroen Missinne
  5. Arno Stockman Reliability assessment and lifetime modelling of p-GaN gate AlGaN/GaN high-electron-mobility transistors 2020.
    Supervisors: Benoit Bakeroot, Jan Doutreloigne
  6. Celine Vanhaverbeke Study of ALD barrier layers for the embedding of electronic and opto-electronic components in a smart microsystem in direct contact with the human body 2020.
    Supervisors: Herbert De Smet, Maarten Cauwe
  7. Bart Plovie Thermoplastic electronic circuits : design, technology and characterisation 2019.
    Supervisors: Jan Vanfleteren, Frederick Bossuyt
  8. Nuria Teigell Beneitez Imprinted micro- and nanophotonic sensors 2017.
    Supervisors: Geert Van Steenberge, Jeroen Missinne
  9. Xiaobing Shang Tunable Optical Devices Using Liquid Crystals for Beam Shaping Applications 2017.
    Supervisors: Herbert De Smet, Dieter Cuypers
  10. Diana-Elena Mogosanu Biodegradable fluidic microsystems for cell cultures and tissue engineering 2016.
    Supervisors: Jan Vanfleteren, Peter Dubruel
  11. Patricia Khashayar Design, technology and evaluation of a microfluidic chip for point-of-care diagnosis of bone turnover biomarkers 2016.
    Supervisors: Jan Vanfleteren, Ghasem Amoabediny, Bagher Larijani, Rik Verplancke
  12. Joshi Pankaj Development of fundamental technologies for smart electro-optical components using polymer stabilized blue phase liquid crystals 2016.
    Supervisors: Herbert De Smet, Peter Dubruel
  13. Wouter Van Putte The type II secretion system and membrane vesiculation : bacterial secretion systems as a target for anti-virulence drug development 2016.
    Supervisor: Savvas Savvides
  14. Sam Agneessens Design and implementation of textile antennas and wearable systems with high body-antenna isolation 2015.
    Supervisor: Hendrik Rogier
  15. Dries Dellaert Design of a MEMS-based switch matrix for an automated distribution frame in telecommunication applications 2015.
    Supervisor: Jan Doutreloigne
  16. Sanjeev Naithani Selective ablation for patterning organic electronics 2015.
    Supervisor: Geert Van Steenberge
  17. David Schaubroeck Surface modifications of epoxy resins to improve the adhesion towards electroless deposited copper 2015.
    Supervisors: Jan Vanfleteren, Peter Dubruel
  18. Michal Jablonski Conformable light emitting modules 2014.
    Supervisors: Jan Vanfleteren, Frederick Bossuyt
  19. Jindrich Windels Hybrid monolithic integration of high-power DC-DC converters in a high-voltage technology 2014.
    Supervisors: Jan Doutreloigne, Ann Monté
  20. Jelle De Smet The smart contact lens : from an artificial iris to a contact lens display 2014.
    Supervisors: Herbert De Smet, Dieter Cuypers
  21. Swarnakamal Priyabadini 3D-stacking of ultra-thin chips and chip packages 2013.
    Supervisors: Jan Vanfleteren, Tom Sterken
  22. Liang Wang Design and Technology of Ultra Thin Chip Packages for High-Frequency Applications up to 60 GHz ('Ontwerp en technologie voor ultradunne chipverpakkingen voor hoogfrequentietoepassingen tot 60 GHz'). 2013.
    Supervisor: Jan Vanfleteren
  23. Amir Jahanshahi Development of a stretchable platform for the fabrication of biocompatible microsystems 2013.
    Supervisor: Jan Vanfleteren
  24. Rik Verplancke Generic technology platform for the integration of microelectronics and microfluidics on stretchable substrates 2013.
    Supervisors: Jan Vanfleteren, Dieter Cuypers
  25. Bram Van Hoe Photonic skin based on polymer embedding of optical sensors and interrogation units 2013.
    Supervisors: Geert Van Steenberge, Peter Van Daele
  26. Aykut Avci Reduced-complexity disparity estimation for efficient multiview imagery encoding 2013.
    Supervisors: Herbert De Smet, Jan De Cock
  27. Torsten Linz Analysis of Failure Mechanisms of Machine Embroidered Electrical Contacts and Solutions for Improved Reliability 2011.
    Supervisor: Jan Vanfleteren
  28. Herbert De Pauw Design and Optimization of Innovative and Area-Efficient Splitter Implementations for ADSL Applications 2011.
    Supervisor: Jan Doutrloigne
  29. Roel Beernaert Design and characterization of CMOS compatible micromirror arrays in SiGe MEMS technology 2011.
    Supervisor: Herbert De Smet
  30. Benoît Huyghe Design and implementation of a mobile sensor system for human posture tracking 2011.
    Supervisors: Jan Doutreloigne, Jan Vanfleteren
  31. Jeroen Missinne Development of Conformable Optical and Optoelectronic Based Tactile Sensors 2011.
    Supervisors: Jan Vanfleteren, Geert Van Steenberghe
  32. Frederick Bossuyt Novel technologies for elastic microsystems : development, characterization and applications 2011.
    Supervisor: Jan Vanfleteren
  33. Pieter Bauwens Design of intelligent drivers for automatic configuration in modular display systems 2010.
    Supervisor: Jan Doutreloigne
  34. Maarten Cauwe High-frequency characterization of embedded components in printed circuit boards 2010.
    Supervisor: André Van Calster
  35. Erwin Bosman Integration of optical interconnections and optoelectronic components in flexible substrates 2010.
    Supervisors: Peter Van Daele, Geert Van Steenberge
  36. Wim Christiaens Active and passive component integration in polyimide interconnection substrates 2009.
    Supervisor: Jan Vanfleteren
  37. Vincent De Gezelle Design of a switching xDSL line driver in a submicron high voltage technology 2009.
    Supervisor: Jan Doutreloigne
  38. Huseyin Murat Novel optical architectures for LED-based LCOS projectors 2009.
    Supervisor: Herbert De Smet
  39. Jonathan Govaerts Technology Development and Characterization for Interconnecting Driver Electronic Circuitry to Flat-Panel Displays 2009.
    Supervisor: J. Vanfleteren
  40. Ann Monté Design of an intelligent high-voltage display driver to minimize the power consumption in bistable displays 2008.
    Supervisor: Jan Doutreloigne
  41. Jean Van den Steen Design of LCOS Microdisplay Backplanes for Projection Applications 2006.
    Supervisor: H. De Smet
  42. Tom Bert Karakterisering en modellering van elektroforetische beeldschermen 2006.
    Supervisor: Herbert De Smet
  43. Wim Hendrix Ontwerp van laagvermogen hoogspanningsaansturingschips voor bi-stabiel vloeibaar kristal beeldschermen 2006.
    Supervisor: J. Doutreloigne
  44. Sam Siau Optimalisatie en modellering van chemisch behandelde build-up epoxy lagen / Optimization and modelling of chemically treated build-up epoxy layers 2005.
    Supervisors: A. Van Calster, E. Schacht
  45. Dieter Cuypers Verticaal gealigneerd nematisch vloeibaar kristal in microbeeldschermen voor projectietoepassingen - 2005.
    Supervisor: H. De Smet
  46. Dieter Cuypers Vertically aligned nematic liquid crystal microdisplays for projection applications 2005.
    Supervisor: Herbert De Smet
  47. Benoit Bakeroot Vermogentransistoren in een Submicron Digitale CMOS-Technologie 2004.
    Supervisors: A. Van Calster, J. Doutreloigne
  48. Miguel Vermandel Integratie van Hoogspanning p-type MOS-Transistoren in een Submicron CMOS-Technologie met behulp van TCAD 2002.
    Supervisor: A. Van Calster
  49. Filip Bruyneel Introductie van kleur in reflectieve PDLC en PNLC microdisplays 2002.
    Supervisors: H. De Smet, A. Van Calster
  50. I.A. Popov a-SiN:H X-Ray Sensor 2001.
    Supervisors: A. Van Calster, H. De Smet
  51. S. Zhang Advanced PCB Technologies : Photovia Build-up, Electroless Nickel Plating, and Flip Chip on Board 1999.
    Supervisor: A. Van Calster
  52. Joeri De Vos Op glas geintegreerde CdSe-Ge dunne-film stuurschakelingen voor elektroluminescente beeldschermen 1999.
    Supervisor: A. Van Calster
  53. M. Vrana MCMs and High Density Interconnections in Thick Film Technology 1998.
    Supervisor: A. Van Calster
  54. A.M. De Cubber Onderzoek en ontwikkeling van vermogen dunne-film transistors 1998.
    Supervisor: A. Van Calster
  55. J. Lernout Optimalisatie en Karakterisatie van PECVD Siliciumoxinitridelagen - Toepassing in een Dunne Film Multichipmodule op Silicium 1998.
    Supervisor: A. Van Calster
  56. Herbert De Smet Poly-Ge/Poly-CdSe Dunne-Filmcircuits voor op Glas Geintegreerde Aansturing van Vlakke Beeldschermen 1994.
    Supervisor: A. Van Calster
  57. Jan Capon Optische Sensoren op Basis van Fotogeleidende CdSe Dunne Filmen 1993.
    Supervisor: A. Van Calster
  58. Jan Doutreloigne Complementaire CdSe:In/Ge:Cu Dunne-Film Transistoren voor Digitale Schakelingen op Glas 1991.
    Supervisors: H. Pauwels, A. Van Calster
  59. I. De Rycke Poly-CdSe n-DFT Logika voor Geintegreerde Stuurschakelingen op Glas. 1990.
    Supervisors: H. Pauwels, A. Van Calster
  60. Jan Vanfleteren Digitale Schakelingen met Poly-CdSe Dunne Film Transistoren. 1987.
    Supervisors: H. Pauwels, A. Van Calster
  61. M. Vandendriessche Ontwikkeling en Realisatie van een Meetopstelling voor 1/f Ruis. 1980.
  62. Alex De Vos Dunne Polymeer Filmen, dunne Tellurium Filmen en hun Toepassing in de Dunne Film Transistor. 1979.
    Supervisor: H. Pauwels
  63. André Van Calster Vervaardiging en Analyse van CdSe Dunne Film Transistoren. 1975.
    Supervisor: M. Vanwormhoudt