1. Mohammad Rahimi Gorji Pressurized intraperitoneal aerosol chemotherapy (PIPAC) : combination of computational simulations and in vitro experiments 2022.
    Supervisors: Wim Ceelen, Charlotte Debbaut, Ghader Ghorbaniasl
  2. Daimé Campos Arias Impact of Ageing on Arterial Physiology and Hemodynamics: Insights from 1D Modelling and In Vivo Data 2021.
    Supervisors: Patrick Segers, Tania Rodríguez Moliner
  3. Federico Canè Patient-Specific Computational Fluid Dynamics Models of the Human Left Heart Using the Chimera Technique 2021.
    Supervisors: Patrick Segers, Joris Degroote
  4. Viviana Mancini A combined experimental and computational study on the feasibility of carotid stenosis detection by means of laser doppler vibrometry 2020.
    Supervisors: Patrick Segers, Kristian Valen-Sendstad
  5. Francisco Javier Londoño Hoyos Non-invasive assessment of intraventricular and arterial haemodynamics : tools to guide diagnosis and therapy in patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction 2020.
    Supervisors: Patrick Segers, Julio Chirinos Medina
  6. Hicham Saaid Multimodality analyses of 3D flow in a phantom model of the left ventricle 2019.
    Supervisors: Pascal Verdonck, Tom Claessens, Sasa Kenjeres
  7. Giorgia Rocatello Patient-specific numerical modeling in transcatheter aortic valve replacement : towards a more effective treatment 2019.
    Supervisors: Patrick Segers, Peter Mortier
  8. Annette Caenen A biomechanical analysis of shear wave elastography in pediatric heart models 2018.
    Supervisors: Patrick Segers, Abigail Swillens
  9. Annette Caenen A Biomechanical Analysis of Shear Wave Elastography in Pediatric Heart Models 2017.
    Supervisor: Patrick Segers
  10. Geert Peeters Modelling the Degenerative Adaptation of the Liver Vasculature and Perfusion in Cirrhosis 2017.
    Supervisors: Patrick Segers, Charlotte Debbaut, Wim Laleman
  11. Alessandra Bavo Integrating valve leaflet motion into patient-specific numerical blood flow simulations of the human heart : strategies and challenges 2016.
    Supervisors: Patrick Segers, Jan Vierendeels, Joris Degroote
  12. David De Wilde Wall shear stress metrics and their relation to atherosclerosis : an experimental and computational study in mice 2016.
    Supervisors: Patrick Segers, Guido De Meyer, Bram Trachet
  13. Joris Bols Numerical modelling of the fluid-structure interaction in complex vascular geometries 2015.
    Supervisors: Jan Vierendeels, Patrick Segers
  14. Francesco Iannaccone Computer simulations in stroke prevention : design tools and strategies towards virtual procedure planning 2014.
    Supervisors: Patrick Segers, Benedict Verhegghe
  15. Sander De Bock Een (bio)mechanische analyse van stentgraftimplantaties voor het behandelen van aneurysma's van de abdominale aorta 2014.
    Supervisor: Patrick Segers
  16. Liesbeth Taelman Fluid-structure interaction simulation of (repaired) aortic coarctation 2014.
    Supervisors: Patrick Segers, Jan Vierendeels
  17. Charlotte Debbaut Multi-level modelling of hepatic perfusion in support of liver transplantation strategies 2013.
    Supervisors: Patrick Segers, Diethard Monbaliu
  18. Sofie Van Cauter Automatic localisation of landmarks on virtual bone models 2012.
    Supervisors: Benedict Verhegghe, Marc Braem
  19. Bram Trachet The role of disturbed hemodynamics in aneurysm formation in mice 2012.
    Supervisors: Patrick Segers, Bart Loeys
  20. Gianluca De Santis Novel mesh generation method for accurate image-based computational modelling of blood vessels 2011.
    Supervisors: Benedict Verhegghe, Pascal Verdonck
  21. Abigaïl Swillens A multiphysics model for improving the ultrasonic assessment of large arteries 2010.
    Supervisors: Patrick Segers, Lasse Løvstakken, Jan Vierendeels
  22. An Ghysels Development of an Accurate and Efficient Method for Normal Mode Analysis in Extended Molecular Systems: the Mobile Block Hessian Method 2009.
    Supervisor: Michel Waroquier
  23. Martijn van den Broek Cooling with chirality: investigations in the world of Brownian machines 2008.
    Supervisor: Christian Van den Broeck
  24. Matthieu De Beule Finite element stent design 2008.
    Supervisors: Rudy Van Impe, Pascal Verdonck, Benedict Verhegghe
  25. Tom Claessens Model-based quantification of systolic and diastolic left ventricular mechanics 2006.
    Supervisors: Pascal Verdonck, Patrick Segers